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  • What Our Patients Say

    Sending a sincere thank you to Ron and the entire office for facilitating my needs throughout my recovery. I'm hitting the trails every day and noticing steady improvement every week. I find it strange to call my injury a blessing, but I've truly enjoyed my experience. Thanks again, and take care.

  • What Our Patients Say

    Been going to Sawtooth Physical Therapy for over 5 months. From the time you walk into their business they treat you like you are family, they are kind, on hand and most off they have a conversation with you like a human. They make sure they strengthen you mentally and physically. I personally would not go anywhere else. Thank you Ron, Chelsea, Nancy and Brent. You all are so GREAT!!

  • What Our Patients Say

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing experience I have had and continue to have in the time I have been in physical therapy with you. I know that most people wouldn't usually use the words "amazing" and "physical therapy" in the same sentence. The fact remains, however, that a word more accurately describing my experience evades me at this time. I also can't imagine that one might say they were "looking forward" to their appointment, yet I always do. In spite of the fact that I have canceled several appointments on the spur of the moment due to my seeming inability to say "no" when my friends even hint that a camping trip might be in order, I have never had a problem rescheduling. I appreciate the personal attention that I get at every appointment. It is truly a pleasure to walk in to room full of smiles. My comfort level has never been so high in any other similar situation. I must add that at some appointments, besides the physical therapy I feel like I might just be getting another kind of therapy as well. The supportive staff has always been willing to lend an ear when I have just needed to vent. I love being able to share some of my "crazy" with folks that can find humor in the day to day events I share. I wonder if sometimes you don't think to yourselves, "man, this guy must be off his rocker". In truth what I guess I am really trying to communicate here is simply this, I always feel like I am "coming home to an extension of my family". I will continue to recommend you to all of my friends. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making what might otherwise be an uncomfortable situation such a pleasure.

  • What Our Patients Say

    I started going to Sawtooth Physical Therapy in September 2013. From the first day there I felt so comfortable. All the staff is so caring. Each individual is evaluated according to their handicap. (This is done so they can design an individual program for you) The therapists really care about you as a person. You're not just herded in and out when your time is over. In closing I really have enjoyed my time at Sawtooth Physcal Therapy. I want to thank Ron and his staff. My range of motion is getting as good as the right arm.

Insurance Information

Does Sawtooth Physical Therapy take my insurance?

Sawtooth Physical Therapy is a member of many preferred provider networks in Idaho. Our services are covered by most major insurance companies as well as Medicare, TRICARE, Workers’ Compensation, and private health plans.

If Sawtooth Physical Therapy is contracted with your medical plan, we will bill your insurance company or administrator for your services. The amount your plan will pay is based on your plan benefits. You may wish to contact your administrator for coverage information before receiving service. Certain managed care plans will require an authorization from your primary care physician (PCP).

When applicable, we also bill secondary insurance plans. Once we have received payment from all contracted plans, we will bill you for any remaining balance. We request that you pay your bill upon receipt. For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard.  We also offer affordable cash rates for self paying patients.

Following is a list of insurance companies that Sawtooth Physical Therapy is currently contracted with.  If your insurance is not listed, please contact us, as our provider list is always growing.  In addition, we will verify benefits and take care of any necessary pre-authorizations or notifications required by the insurance company.

Workers Compensation

For immediate injury assistance, please contact Direct Orthopedic Care.