Orthopedic Therapy Services


Our therapist provide a thorough evaluation including history, work and life demands, posture, body mechanics, range of motion, joint mobility, muscular function, walking and running mechanics, form specific assessment for golf, cycling and other sports.

Types of Orthopedic Cases We See

Total joint replacement – We treat all joint replacements including knees, hips, shoulders and ankles. We have considerable experience with newer types of replacements including the reverse shoulder and total ankle.

Endurance Athletes – These people place specific and unique demands on their bodies.  Treatment needs to take into consideration not only the tissue that is injured, but also the type of repetitive movement performed, the complete function of the limbs and trunk and the type of training load. Ron Miller, PT MS OCS, has been a racing cyclist for 20+ years, he has coached high level runners and cyclists as well as developed a cyclocross clinic system for skill development.

Spine InjuriesOur staff is widely versed in treatment techniques pioneered by practitioners such as Robin McKenzie, Stanley Paris and Brian Mulligan.  We use a varied approach based on injury type with an emphasis on manual therapy.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and knee joint ligament reconstruction – We have a superb track record for restoring range of motion, strength and function after these types of surgery. We have extensive knowledge of the types of repairs, tissue healing rates and appropriateness of specific interventions.

Injuries without surgery – Our approach is to identify the injured tissue and determine the stage of healing.  Subsequent interventions will include restoration of range of motion and strength, functional movement and return to normal activity.

Post trauma and post fracture – We see a high number of these cases every year.  We continue to have success with returning people to their former function and lifestyle.

Work related and postural issues – We evaluate sitting and standing posture as well as specific repetitive movements. There are many interventions that can be done to resolve these chronic and frustrating issues.


Manual Therapy – May include joint mobilization or manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, hands on guiding of motion, post operative joint range of motion, manual resistance for specific exercise.

Therapeutic Exercise – Specific exercise for each individual and condition. Every exercise plan is designed for the specific needs of each individual.

Modalities – Modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound are available, though the science supporting these treatments is not unanimous in support. Modalities may be considered if there is a specific need for edema reduction, muscular re-education or pain relief.

Gym Equipment – Our gym is designed to compliment the types of treatment we provide. Conventional gyms focus on large muscle groups, while the equipment we use was specifically selected to reinforce our emphasis on joint stability and functional movement.

For immediate injury assistance, please contact Direct Orthopedic Care.